Jason Price

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The follow up album to Jason’s debut album. This album features the production of Jason Barry, from Barrytones Studio in Miramichi, NB. All but two songs were written or co-written by Jason Price. The song Cry features the talented Stephanie Beaumont, and is written by Brennan MacDonald. Raise The Bar is also a duet and features the silky vocals of Jenn Sheppard from Cape Breton. The title of the album is a tip of the hat to one of Jason’s friends who starred in the video “Nights Like This” on Jason YOUTUBE channel. Rob was a fantastic hockey player and a great person overall. He sent the lyrics to Living Outside The Box on this album to Jason while he was battling skin cancer. During the recording of the demos for the album at Derek Sheppards house on the Mira, surrounded by The Dark Horse bandmates, Jason learned that Rob entered the hospital for a final time. Robs jersey number was 27. The song Living Outside of the Box was performed by Jason at his funeral, along with one other song requested by the family. A Dean Brody song called “Time”. Dean Brody’s band, the Brodeo, lent their talents to back up Jason on what you are about to embark on.

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