Changing Headlights

My foglight went out on my vehicle awhile ago and ever since, the little notification has come up when I start my car....check Fog Light.  I didn't pay too much mind to it figuring it was just a fog light.  Yesterday, the headlight notification came on.  Check headlight (low).  So now that it was an actual light that I needed I went in and bought a replacement.  I was going to just put that in this morning before I took off for the day.

Have you replaced a headlight or foglight on a newer car lately?  In order to get at it, I have to take off a few bolts under the car, that's right...under the car, to remove a shield in order to reach up and disconnect the foglight to replace the bulb.  The headlight? Gumby is a little clay animation from waaaay back.  Gumby was manufactured for toy stores as a rubber character with a wire body that could be bent into any position or shape.  In order to first reach the headlight, then grasp the connection, then physically turn it to remove need to be built like Gumby. 

Why make things so difficult? This is a part that is obviously going to need to be replaced throughout the life of the vehicle, so why do they make this so difficult?!  The conspiracy theorist in me is contemplating that if that that little computer is telling me to check the headlight because it knows that its out...then maybe it has a setting to burn it out.  Once it becomes known what a pain in the ass it is to fix it, then the poor customer will go back to the dealer to have it done.  More money. Maybe a little too much Bo thinking from The Ranch, but one could imagine in these times that it is plausible. 

I remember taking the entire headlight off of the front of my old Pontiac Acadian with a screwdriver, replacing it with a new one in about 10 minutes.  Easy.  Pull up to a store wall in the evening to calibrate it and you were good to go.  Now its just a small bulb that you can't even touch with your fingers.  Did I forget to mention that part?  The tricksters made it even more difficult in that you aren't permitted to touch the bulb with your bare fingers or the oils from your skin will damage it thus making you go through the whole process again.  For a headlight!!! 

My kids can take a picture of Genghis Khan, have the mouth move to music making it look like he is actually singing The Sound of Music in about 3 minutes....and I am outside cursing at changing a light bulb.  I think it may be easier to call an uber if I need to drive anywhere in the dark.  If you don't see me for the next few days, then either I am stuck in bed with another bout of COVID...or the other headlight went in my car and I will be outside replacing it for the next 48 hours.  Who knows, maybe I may write a song or 18 during the time it takes to get it done.

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