Late Nights

The last while I have been struck by the requirement to keep some late hours.  That was never a problem for me, and really still isn't; however, it sure makes it hard to get up in the morning.  I used to just sleep in until whenever o'clock if I was up late.  As any of you know who follow this blog, I have made it an effort to get up pretty early to give myself a bit more time in the day.  The difficult part is doing that and getting the required amount of sleep....and not waking up a sleeping wife who does not subscribe to the idea of getting up uber early.  

The iPhone has a setting that one can set that will remind someone to go to bed if you enter the desired amount of sleep you wish to have and the desired wake up time.  Last night for example, I had just pulled into the second of two baseball sessions for my kids in Burnside when my watch said...time to start winding down.  While I waited out in the parking lot for the first tryout of the season to end (you can't go in to watch which isn't a totally bad thing that we can get to in another blog) I got the prompt...time for bed.  I live about 30 minutes away from that location at that time of night with light traffic, and the tryout was only half over at that time.  

By the time that I get home, it's now an hour "past my bedtime". Realize of course that I am a grown adult and my watch is now telling me my bedtime.  This isn't too bad except that I don't kick off my shoes, immediately go into my bedroom and shut down.  There is a stop in the kitchen for a drink of bubbly water, mosey on down to the bedroom to chat with Kelly about the tryouts and all that Luke had to say about them, get ready for tomorrow, brush the teeth and get ready for bed.  Finally the old, "You aren't setting your alarm for that ungodly hour tomorrow are you?". She doesn't ask this out of malice, or the fact that she knows that I may hit snooze 2 or 3 times before getting's purely out of concern that I won't get enough sleep and wear myself out.  She knows me sometimes better than I admit I know me. 

So today I got up an hour later.  I reset the alarm to account for the later time, no snooze, and up for the day.  Getting up an hour later crushes a couple of things.  I didn't get the HIIT workout in first thing and creative writing took a back seat this morning.  I did manage to do some light Yoga, brewed a pour over coffee, and hit the blog. I'm not too broken up over that kind of change in routine.  I have Jiu Jitsu today so that will replace the HIIT work. I would have been pretty tired for any real creativity should I have sacrificed the extra hour and a half, and now I am still getting the blog done.  The best plans are flexible plans they say.

The good thing is tonight I think that I may be able to get to bed on time, and that should get me back to the flow tomorrow.  Life is a dance according to John Micheal Montgomery, sometimes you lead and sometimes you follow. 

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