The Art of the Job Interview

Job interviews ask for absolutely the opposite of what I have been taught growing up from my parents, coaches, mentors, etc.  It's always been a good thing to be known as humble.  Don't talk about yourself; be gracious; be thankful; work hard.  

One of the hardest things I have found to do in music without a management team are things like submitting bio's to places,  Tell us how good you are!  The same thing applies to job interviews.  Tell us how great you are.  Make us want to hire you today! To be quite honest, I forget many of the things that would probably warrant some discussion in some of those forums.  It just doesn't come naturally to brag about accomplishments.  

There does seem to be a bit of an art to it though where you can highlight the things that you have done, while at the same time showering the people that were around you with praise.  The fact is that unless you sat home and did every part of a job by yourself from start to finish in every role then any success is shared.  Nobody in my opinion gets through alone.  I would much rather have people that I worked with go into the interview for me to tell the interviewers what was done on my behalf.  I have actually considered hiring someone to write my bio's and applications for that reason, but then I wonder how they would actually know anything about me. Its a bit of a hard place to be in! 

I think some of the funniest questions on a job interview is the one that asks for your weaknesses.  I think that one is to determine if you would be a good politician or not.  Well should I tell them that I can't turn down a good polka dance or go with the old, "I probably work too hard at times".  There are actually scripts of answers online for these types of questions.  If they don't apply to you well that's simply lying, but I guess that doesn't matter in the job hunt anymore.  

Someone once said in an article that I read once that when you are good at something, people will tell you that you are good.  When you are great, they will tell everyone.  I don't feel that many people are going to accuse me of being good or great at the interview process....and I think that I am fine with that. 


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