Friggin Wind

I have found myself saying that these days.  I'm not sure why I notice it more than I have in the past but the wind is a bit of an arse in my opinion.  

Sure a nice warm island breeze is always welcome when it's warm out.  Television has used this sort of breeze to captivate our eyes for quite some time.  Lady with long hair dancing around off her shoulders turns and faces the camera; guy in the warrior pose with the wind swirling around him.  That's all fine and good when the wind is warm.  Spring wind sucks.

These are the deceptive days.  These days are like the cute looking little toddler that turns out to be an absolute menace.  The sun is shining...the birds are singing...walk outside with a spring jacket and come back in for mitts and a toque.  Add in the spring showers that apparently bring the flowers, and it's a sideways blast of northern air mixed in with a barrage of wet nerf pellets. 

Walking the dog is a bit of chore in the wind as well.  Sure walking with the wind at your back is no problem at all...sun on your face, happy bouncing dog, and then you turn the corner in your subdivision and all of a sudden you are walking up hill leaning forward at a 45 degree angle ensuring the dog doesn't find the perfect place to pee right in front of you.  

Summer time hits and gone is the wind.  When we could really use that nice breeze...gone, unless it's cloud covered and raining then old Walter Wind comes blowing back in.  I am sure that the surf community out here loves it.  I know for sure that the crazy people that I see with the parachutes on surf boards twisting through the air are wind aficionados . I'm with the golfers on this one.  The wind is no friend of mine.  

All that TV stuff I mentioned earlier.  The truth about that is that most women that I know that get all dressed up aren't hoping the wind is going to be blowing their hair around. It's false advertising by the people at NBC and the like.  What do we call someone that talks too much...a windbag. Wind isn't romantic.  Try putting down the old picnic cloth on your date with the wind blowing around.  Paper plates taking off, napkins flying around. I will credit the wind with one thing though and that is that it's likely the best insect repellant on the earth.  

In my mind, Chicago can keep it.  It's probably why the pizza there is deep it won't blow away.  

I will enjoy the nice breeze in Mexico when I go but around here...the wind blows.  

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