I read a book lately by Nancy Regan (I highly recommend it), and in her book there was a line that she brought up that everyone has heard over and over.  Just be yourself.  That was it.  She also went on to chat about how difficult that can be. 

It's a pretty simple statement but it isn't really that easy for everyone to actually live.  I'm sure that everyone can probably say there are times that we have not acted like our true selves.  It could be living up to someone else's expectations; trying to fit in; trying to be professional; or the fake it till you make it attitude.  I believe in authenticity.  It's pretty evident to most people when someone is not being their true self.  Being authentic, being the true self is freedom.  I know several people in the music business, and there are some that stand out to me as having a stage face on all the time.  It's almost like an act that is always hoping for applause or admiration.  Playing on stage does come with a responsibility to entertain; however, there is a way to do that and still remaining authentic.  A prime example...Willie Nelson will not ever be accused as being a bubbly excited performer.  He is just his authentic self.  Unapologetic.  

I think that these days more and more people are being their true selves in the way they dress, the way they act, and post; however, there are still many that are not being their true selves in the exact same parameters.  I believe that the person in the mirror has to like who is looking back.  That's primary.  If that isn't the case then become that persons biggest fan.  Be you...there isn't anyone else that can.  

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