I used to play quite a bit. I was actually a decent player. So when my son was trying out for the badminton team I figured I would help him along.  Got him the racquet, the goggles for doubles, and brought him out to the gym to teach him the basics.  That got him going and he began practicing with the team.  

Fast forward 5 weeks and the tournament is over.  He and his doubles partner crashed and burned but had a great experience playing people who actually play badminton.  Having a bit of time with them at the gym a couple days ago, I figured we could practice again.  Crazy how much he had improved.  I actually had to work to get in position a few times...and that's when it dawned on me.  My brain knew exactly where I had to go, and my body pulled back like a stubborn horse.  In my head it all still felt the same. I stand in the middle, hit my shot, back to the middle, return the shot, back to the middle and so on.  Instead, I hit the clear, started back for the middle and when he hit the short shot that just dropped over the net my brain said "Go!" and my body said "No!" as I watched it hit the floor while I shuffled toward it.  Today, two days later, I am sore in my badminton places. 

I realized that if I don't start getting back to some of these things, these young bucks are going to go screaming by me merely on fitness and flexibility.  I'm not saying I am jumping head first now into badminton and tournaments; I already started BJJ this past week.  What I am saying is like a parked car, if you don't start that up and move it the parts start to seize up!  So, I challenged my two youngest to start coming to the gym aftershool.  We will hit the weights for 45 min and then play a sport on the gym floor for a bit. Nothing too serious, but something to keep the bones in motion.  So if you see me missing in action, check the gym floor first, and if I'm not there, and I'm not in an arm bar on a jiu jitsu mat, or playing a gig....then I'm likely still trying to change that damn headlight or I'm hiding asleep in a lawn chair trying to catch up to my youth. 


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